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Arthur E Orneck forms Rogue Knight Studios

New social media company aims to reinvent the Blogosphere

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - May 28, 2011 - Rogue Knight Studios, a new social media company, launched earlier this month with ColdFusion guru Arthur E Orneck at the helm. With the mission to reinvent the way people live on the Internet, Rogue Knight Studios will set the blogosphere ablaze when it launches its flagship website to coincide with the 2011 E3 Expo taking place in Los Angeles, California. "When it comes down to it," commented CEO Arthur E Orneck, "current blogging engines are completely lacking in the "fun factor", and I'm aiming to change that. People are staring at these blog sites for hours a day, and accepting the way they work because that's simply how they have always been. I think it's time to shake up things a little, try to introduce some intelligent design and new feature sets that break the mold of the standard, accepted way of doing things and take advantage of the newer technologies available." Currently Rogue Knight Studios is developing a state-of-the-art online content engine that leverages all the latest in web 2.0 technologies to bring innovation to the Internet. The company intends to turn website visitors into website citizens, by giving them user-centric online experiences and the best content on the web.


Headquartered in Irvine, California, Rogue Knight Studios was created in March 2011 to redefine how we interact with the Internet. They are currently developing our proprietary web content engine and applying their unique vision to the creation of a suite of websites designed to transform visitors into citizens. Official web site:


Co-founder of Rogue Knight Studios, Arthur has been a Jedi master of Cold Fusion since 1998. He has built his experience fomenting innovation in web development at such companies as Best Buy, Gamepro, and Rooms to Go.

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